haptic interactive installation
ceramic, arylic, tactile sensors

intern project


︎︎︎ haptic research notebook
︎ NIME 2021 
︎︎︎ Asia Haptics 2022 Best Demo Award - Finalist

Vortex is a tangible music interface, mainly composed of a series of ceramic modules, capacitive touch sensors, temperature sensors, a baseboard, a main control board, a headphone and a supporting structure. It is designed to interact with a wellknown musical composition played by Chinese Guzheng, a 21 or 25-stringed plucked instrument that generates rhythm with rich granular sensation. VORTEX involves multiple senses such as hearing, touch, and proprioception. It invites users to experience multimodal perception and synchronization with the music.

Participation: concept development, tangible interface design, interaction design, 3D modeling, audio processing, prototype soldering and tesing, and assembly on site.

This project is supported by the Research Center for Perception and Conciousness at Tsinghua University Future Lab.


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