interactive installation
wood, LED strips, ultrasonic sensors

collabrative project


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We are never alone on this planet.

“Breath, sprite, life” is the Latin origin of “animism”, which perceives all things — animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather system, human handiwork and perhaps even words — as animated and alive. Being alive not only means they grow and die, but also experience the whole process of living, including breathing, evolving, reacting to the environmental changes and also, being ill. The Breathing Tree aims at helping people to feel the resonance of human life and other lives by creating an interactive process between the visitor and the installation.

The pattern curved on the acrylic board is extracted from the annual rings. We shuffled the order of the patterns to make the light effect more like a musical rhythm instead of upturning volume.

The Breathing Tree is a group work with Jiaqi Gao, Yingnan Zhou, Xinyi Zhao and Jingzhi Zeng.

* The Breathing Tree was exhibited in the 798 Art District in Beijing during the summer of 2018, as part of the Press Play workshop exhibition.


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