immersive experience, interactive exhibition,

individual project

Performing Role is an immersive interactive exhibition aiming to raise people’s awareness of the subjective social experience brought by personality differences. 

Starting from the prejudices and misconceptions faced by introverts in Chinese society, this project designed a series of storytelling scenairos based on research about social character and the expectations of people's social behavior derived from local socio-cultural context. By comparing different cases in Chinese, Finnish and American cultural environment, the designer found that a socially desirable character requires not to be born with a certain personality, but to develop mature social skills by oneself. 

The participant enters the experience with a self-selected personality “role”, and needs to find the most efficient strategy to cope with given scenairo. In the five selected scenarios, extroverted and introverted roles requries very differnet strategy to earn the top score. 

Research background

cogntive misunderstanding of personality and social competence

external comments about personalities and
self-positioning questionnaire

Case analyze and problem tree



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